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Steps To Take When Hiring a Building Contractor

A building contractor is an independent construction specialist who bids on a specific assignment within a major construction project. The construction of a single large building often involves many building contractors and subcontractors who work together towards the successful completion of the building. The contractor analyses the specifications of the work to determine the personnel, materials and related costs needed to complete the task and submits a quotation. When the tender is qualified, the contractor buys the materials and works based on the job specifications. The contractor plays a critical role in ensuring the successful completion of a project. Therefore, it is important to hire the right contractor. The following are some of the steps to take when hiring a contractor, including:

· Get recommendations

Check from the National Association of Contractors; get a list of the members in your locality and their specialty. Furthermore, you can talk with any building inspector to recommend a contractor who has a reputation of meeting code requirements. You can also ask your friends, family or colleagues to recommend a contractor they have previously used. Moreover, the local lumberyard can help you find a contractor who buys quality material regularly and pays his bills on time.

· Undertake an initial interview

Once you have assembled a list of contractors that you would be willing to consider, make a call to your prospects and ask them several simple questions. Find out whether they handle projects of the size you are considering, and which other projects they are currently handling. Furthermore, find out from them whether they are willing to furnish financial references from banks or suppliers. It is equally important to find out from them whether they will be willing to provide a list and contacts of previous clients.

· Schedule a meeting

Based on the initial interview, select 3 to 5 contractors you would like to meet. The face to face meeting will provide the ideal opportunity to get estimates for the job. In addition, you will get an opportunity to discuss further to get an assurance you are indeed engaging the right company. Your choice should be a contractor you can get along with because he will be in your premises for many months. Once you have assessed their knowledge and personality, make sure to check the local business bureau or the customer reviews to determine whether the contractor has previously had negative reviews with subcontractors and clients.

· Choose the contractor

Investigate the facts, now that you have narrowed your list. Call previous clients, find out from them their experience in the hands of the contractor, and if possible, ask them to show you the finished product. Furthermore, you can consider visiting a project a prospect is currently supervising. See how the work is being done. Look around to see whether the site looks safe and neat. Determine whether the workers look happy doing the job.

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