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Steps To Take When Hiring a Building Contractor

A building contractor is an independent construction specialist who bids on a specific assignment within a major construction project. The construction of a single large building often involves many building contractors and subcontractors who work together towards the successful completion of the building. The contractor analyses the specifications of the work to determine the personnel,… Read More

The Truth About Real Estate

I know that we like to complicate things and by no means am I trying to ignore the facts about our economy or the fact that unfortunately a lot of people took a huge hit financially, with their homes and with their jobs/careers. That is all real. What I am saying is that there are… Read More

How To Sell Your House Without Equity

Selling a house without equity might seem impossible and complicated. For most folks the biggest unknowns can be: Do I have to do a short sale? Do I have to pay out of pocket at closing? What if I have to move quickly and don’t have time to get banks/agents to make something happen? From… Read More


If you’re thinking of getting your investment toes wet and buy your first property, there can be many considerations. You want to know where the property cash flow. What sort of mortgage must I get? How much down payment should I have? And you will also ask, “What type of asset should I buy?” That’s… Read More

Navigating Multiple Offers When Buying Real Estate

When the real estate market heats up, and you have competing buyers bidding against one another on the same property, the buyers will find themselves in what is called a “multiple offer” situation. Multiple offers in real estate transactions create a very complicated scenario for both the seller and the buyer to work through. While… Read More

What’s the Best Type of Property to Buy?

If you’re thinking of getting your real estate investment toes wet and buy your first property there can be a myriad of considerations. Does the property cash flow? What type of mortgage should I get? How much down payment should I have? And you’ll also ask yourself, “What type of property should I buy?” That’s… Read More

New Construction Homes Are Great Investments

When it comes to finding the right place for you and your family to live in for many years to come, you should consider looking at different new construction homes. Even though there are plenty of foreclosed and previously owned properties available, why would you want to make your memories in a place that has… Read More